Anonymous: thank you! You're amazing and so is that dress! Have a great day :)

aww thanks, you too! 

Anonymous: That's super cool!!! Totally gonna get my mom to help me make one, do u have any tips? :)

thanks! I used a regular t shirt as a reference to size and traced it on fabric. Just extend the lines to make a dress. The collar was pretty tricky so be careful! Good luck! (^-^)

Anonymous: Hi :) Idk I just saw ur Halloween post and where did u get ur twiggy dress? xo

hello anon! I actually made it! :)


but can bob the builder fix yo nasty ass attitude


Always got my back…

first getting into a band: I can't really tell their songs apart..
now: lead singer shifts his weight on the right side of the stage as he tilts the microphone up to 80 degrees and slightly raises the volume of his voice at the 2:15 mark of the 2nd track on the 4th album's ep


There are some automatic toilets that need 2 chill the fuck out


my bong water is fiji